Sky Mirror Experience at Kuala Selangor, Malaysia

After an early lunch, we eagerly made our way to the jetty port for our highly anticipated Sky Mirror experience. The boat ride was thrilling and bumpy, adding a bit of excitement to the journey. After a half-hour of exhilarating speed, we arrived at a vast sand bed in the middle of the ocean. With no vegetation in sight, it was essential to bring a cap or umbrella and apply plenty of sunscreen protection.

Jetty Port to Sky Mirror
Jetty Port to Sky Mirror

Discovered by a group of travel enthusiasts in 2016, the Sky Mirror only appears during the 1st and 15th of a lunar month and 4 days before or after these dates. This secret island is said to be a stunning sight, with its mirror-like reflection of the sky.

The pioneers of the island’s discovery have named it Sky Mirror and have since been promoting this newfound gem as a must-visit tourism spot.

Everyone is required to wear life jacket before boarding
Everyone is required to wear life jacket before boarding

At low tide, the Sky Mirror reveals a stunning sand flat that’s as big as a hundred football fields! As you take in the breathtaking views of the sky and sea, don’t forget to also look down, and you’ll be amazed by the abundance of marine life that’s scattered in the sand – from tiny crabs to baby clams, sea grapes, seas anemones, and a variety of beautiful shells. If you’re looking for an adventure and a surreal experience, the Sky Mirror is the perfect destination!

Location and Accessibility

Sky Mirror Sand Bar in Selangor
Sky Mirror Sand Bar in Selangor

Geographical Position

Sky Mirror is a unique natural phenomenon located in Kuala Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia. It is situated on Sasaran Beach, which is approximately 2 hours away from Kuala Lumpur. The beach is an expansive sandbar that appears above the sea surface during low tide, creating a mirror-like reflection of the sky.

Sky Mirror Tour in Selangor
Sky Mirror Tour in Selangor
Boat Ride to Sky Mirror
Boat Ride to Sky Mirror

Reaching Sky Mirror

To reach Sky Mirror, visitors must first travel to the coastal town of Sekinchan. From there, they can take a car or taxi to the private jetty, the only point of departure for boats heading to the sandbar. The boat ride to Sky Mirror takes approximately 30 minutes and can be quite bumpy, so visitors are advised to bring motion sickness medication if needed.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Sky Mirror is during the low tide period, which occurs twice a month during the new moon and full moon phases. Visitors are advised to check the lunar calendar before planning their trip to ensure that they can experience the full beauty of the sandbar. Additionally, the best time to visit Sky Mirror is during sunset, as the reflection of the sky on the sandbar is at its most vibrant and picturesque.

Visitors should also note that transportation to and from the private jetty is not included in the tour package and must be arranged separately. However, there are several transportation options available, including taxis, rental cars, and private car services. It is recommended to book transportation in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Tours and Packages

Sky Mirror Group Shot
Sky Mirror Group Shot
Trick Shot at Sky Mirror
Trick Shot at Sky Mirror

Tour Operators

Several tour operators offer tours to Sky Mirror. Some popular ones are NGD Tours Kuala Selangor, Fun Life Tours, and Blue Tears Tour. NGD Tours Kuala Selangor is run by Mr. Tan, known for his expertise in the area. Fun Life Tours has a team of experienced guides, including Eric, who is fluent in Chinese. Blue Tears Tour is known for its friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Photography at Sky Mirror

Sky Mirror is a natural wonder that has become a popular destination for photographers and Instagrammers. The unique landscape of the mirror-like reflection of the sky on the sea’s shallow waters makes it an ideal location for a photo session. In this section, we will explore some tips and tricks to make the most out of your photography experience at Sky Mirror.

Instagrammable Poses at Sky Mirror
Instagrammable Poses at Sky Mirror

Professional Photography

Most Sky Mirror tour packages include boat fees and insurance, a professional photography session, snacks, mineral water for each group, and a 4R photo to take home.

Instagram worthy shot at Sky Mirror
Instagram worthy shot at Sky Mirror

Instagrammable Spots

Sky Mirror has several Instagrammable spots that are perfect for a quick snap. The most popular spot is the jetty, which provides a panoramic view of the sea and the sky. The jetty is also an excellent location for a group photo. Another popular spot is the sandbar, which offers a unique perspective of the reflection. It is recommended to wear bright colors to make the photo stand out against the blue background.

When taking photos at Sky Mirror, it is important to keep in mind the weather conditions. The best time to take photos is during low tide when the sandbar is visible. It is also recommended to bring sunscreen and a hat to protect against the sun. Finally, it is important to respect the environment and not litter. Sky Mirror is a natural wonder that should be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Preparations for Sky Mirror Visit

What to Bring

Before visiting the Sky Mirror in Kuala Selangor, visitors should prepare themselves with essential items to make their experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are some items that visitors should bring:

  • Sunscreen: Since the Sky Mirror is open, visitors should bring sunscreen to protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays. It is recommended to apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going out in the sun and to reapply every two hours.
  • Water: Visitors should bring plenty of water to stay hydrated during their trip. The heat and humidity can cause dehydration, so it is essential to drink water regularly.
  • Snacks: Visitors should bring snacks to munch on during the boat ride and while on the Sky Mirror. It is recommended to bring snacks that are easy to carry and won’t spoil in the heat.
  • Camera: Visitors should bring a camera to capture the stunning views of the Sky Mirror. It is recommended to bring a waterproof camera or a plastic bag to protect the camera from water.

What to Wear

Visitors should wear comfortable and appropriate clothing for their trip to the Sky Mirror. Here are some clothing items that visitors should consider:

  • Water-walking shoes: Visitors should wear water-walking shoes or sandals with straps to protect their feet from sharp objects and to prevent them from slipping on the wet surface.
  • Hat: Visitors should wear a hat to protect their face and head from the sun’s heat.
  • Sunglasses: Visitors should wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun’s glare.
  • Light and breathable clothing: Visitors should wear light and breathable clothing to stay cool and comfortable during their trip. It is recommended to wear long-sleeved shirts and pants to protect their skin from the sun’s rays.
  • Make it colorful: wear a a colorful outfit to produce vibrant photos that are perfect for your social media feed.

Sky Mirror is a popular tourist spot in Kuala Selangor, Malaysia, known for its paradise beauty and fun life. Visitors can enjoy a unique experience of walking on water and capturing Instagram-worthy photos while visiting the Sky Mirror beach. This section will cover personal stories and special events that make Sky Mirror an enjoyable destination for family and friends.

Group Shot at Sky Mirror
Group Shot at Sky Mirror

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Sky Mirror located?

As the tide ebbs and flows, a mysterious sand bar emerges 1.74 nautical miles off the coast of the fishing village of Jeram, Selangor, in the middle of the Straits of Malacca Sea. Unchartered on the world map, it is Malaysia’s own version of the awe-inspiring Salar de Uyuni.

What is included in a Sky Mirror tour package?

Discover the beauty of nature on the Sky Mirror Tour, which includes boat fees, insurance, a photography session, snacks, mineral water, and a 4R photo for each group.

What is the Blue Tears and Sky Mirror package?

The Blue Tears and Sky Mirror package is a combination tour that allows visitors to experience both the Blue Tears phenomenon and the Sky Mirror. The Blue Tears phenomenon is a natural phenomenon that occurs when certain marine organisms emit a blue glow in the water.

How does the Sky Mirror work?

The Sky Mirror is a sandbank that appears only during low tide. The sandbank reflects the sky and creates a mirror-like effect, hence the name “Sky Mirror”. Visitors can walk on the sandbank and take photos during low tide.

Why is the Sky Mirror called by that name?

The Sky Mirror is called by that name because of its mirror-like effect. The sandbank reflects the sky, creating a stunning visual effect.

What are some popular day trip options to the Sky Mirror?

Some popular day trip options to the Sky Mirror include visiting the nearby Bukit Melawati, a historical site with a lighthouse and a fort, and visiting the Kuala Selangor Nature Park, home to various bird species and other wildlife.

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