MANCHESTER, England, Oct. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a move that is set to support more streamlined remittances from Bangladeshi expats worldwide, ACE Money Transfer, the trusted name in international remittances, is back with its famous “Salam Bangladesh” campaign. Launched originally as a tribute to the spirit, resilience, and cultural richness of Bangladeshi expatriates, the campaign has since become an annual hallmark for ACE, reflecting its dedication to serving the Bangladeshi community globally.

ACE Money Transfer, Delivering Your Promises.
ACE Money Transfer, Delivering Your Promises.

“ACE Money Transfer is giving away 8 brand new iPhones 14 Plus to remittance senders across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland, and 183 cash prizes of BDT 10,000 each to remittance recipients in Bangladesh, until October 31, 2023. Each money transfer to Bangladesh from the said countries before the cut-off date will automatically enter the lucky draw.”

Bangladesh’s foreign reserves peaked at $48 billion in FY21 after the country-wide shutdown of hawala/hundi, albeit the reserves have plummeted to an alarming figure of merely $26.74 billion in FY23. Though the country received $21+ billion in remittances in FY23, a mere 2.75% higher than the preceding year, it’s in dire need of more stimulated inflows of remittances from worldwide Bangladeshi expatriates. Understanding such critical needs of Bangladesh and its expats, ACE Money Transfer stepped up once again to help foster maintained growth in remittances by offering enticing rewards and matchless services.

Mr. Rashid Ashraf, CEO of ACE Money Transfer, expressed his excitement about the campaign’s return: “The essence of ‘Salam Bangladesh’ is more than just a corporate initiative. It reflects our deep respect for the Bangladeshi community and our commitment to offer them unparalleled services. This year, we are bringing back the campaign with even more vigour, showcasing our continuous support and acknowledgement for the tireless efforts made by Bangladeshi expatriates worldwide.”

Since its inception, the “Salam Bangladesh” campaign has been widely embraced by the community, and this time, it has returned with more grand prizes for both senders and recipients of remittances. Social media platforms are buzzing with positive feedback, testimonials, and stories of how ACE Money Transfer has played an instrumental role in bridging distances and connecting hearts.

As the global landscape continually evolves, ACE Money Transfer stands firm in its pledge to prioritise and serve the needs of its patrons. The revival of the “Salam Bangladesh” campaign in 2023 is a vivid reminder of that promise, asserting ACE’s position as a leader in the money transfer realm and its unwavering dedication to the communities it serves.