Experience the Vibrant Lanzones Festival of Camiguin

The Lanzones Festival is a colorful and vibrant celebration held annually in Camiguin Province, Philippines. The festival is a week-long event that takes place every October and is dedicated to the lanzones fruit, a small, sweet fruit known for its succulent taste. The festival is a significant event for the locals, and it draws many tourists from across the Philippines and the world.

Lanzones Festival by Theglennpalacio via Wikimedia cc
Lanzones Festival By Theglennpalacio – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, cc

The Lanzones Festival is a time for thanksgiving and celebration for the abundant harvest of the lanzones fruit. During the festival, the streets of Mambajao, the capital of Camiguin, come alive with street dancing parades, tableau competitions, trade fairs, and other festival activities. The festival is also an opportunity for visitors to try the different lanzones-based delicacies, such as lanzones wine, lanzones candies, and lanzones tarts, among others.

The festival celebrates the island’s rich culture and traditions, and it is an excellent opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture. The Lanzones Festival is a must-visit event for anyone who wants to experience the unique and vibrant culture of Camiguin Province.

History of Lanzones Festival

Lanzones Festival is a thanksgiving celebration for the bountiful harvest of lanzones, a sweet tropical fruit abundant on the island.

The first Lanzones Festival was held in 1979 to promote tourism in Camiguin. It was a simple festivity that included activities such as a fair of local products and a competition of dances. The festival has since grown by leaps and bounds, attracting tens of thousands of revelers to the island.

Street Dance Competition at Lanzones Festival by Theglennpalacio via Wikimedia cc
Street Dance Competition at Lanzones Festival By Theglennpalacio – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, cc

The origin of the Lanzones Festival is the island province of Camiguin. The lanzones fruit, also known as lansium parasitucum, inspired the beginning of the event among locals. The festival is a celebration of the island’s culture, community, and culinary delights.

Over the years, the festival has become an important event for the people of Camiguin. It showcases not only the lanzones fruit but also the island’s rich history and traditions. The festival features street dancing, cultural presentations, beauty pageants, sports events, and a lot more.

The Lanzones Festival is an excellent opportunity to experience the unique culture and hospitality of Camiguin. It is also a chance to taste the sweetest lanzones in the country, which is a must-try for anyone visiting the island.

Significance of the Festival

The Lanzones Festival is a way of giving thanks for the abundant harvest of the fruit, which is an important source of livelihood for the locals.

The festival usually starts with a Thanksgiving Mass, where the locals offer prayers and thanks for the bountiful harvest. The festival is also a way of showcasing the rich culture and traditions of the local community.

The Lanzones Festival is held during the harvest season of the fruit, which is usually in the month of October. During the festival, the locals showcase their creativity by creating colorful costumes and floats made from lanzones. The festival also features street dances, parades, and other cultural performances that showcase the talents of the locals.

The festival is a major tourist attraction, drawing visitors from all over the world who come to witness the unique cultural celebration. The festival also provides an opportunity for the locals to showcase their culinary skills, as they prepare various dishes made from lanzones, such as lanzones candy, lanzones jam, and lanzones wine.

Events and Highlights

One of the most anticipated events is the coronation of the Lanzones King and Queen, which is a beauty pageant showcasing the beauty and talents of local men and women. Another event is the Mutya sa Buahanan, which is a beauty pageant that aims to promote the island’s tourism industry.

The Grand Parade and Street Dancing are also among the festival’s highlights. Participants dress up in colorful costumes and perform traditional dances to the beat of the drums. The tableau competition is another event that showcases the creativity and artistry of the locals.

The Lanzones Eat All You Can is also a must-try event for foodies. Visitors can indulge in unlimited servings of the sweet and succulent fruit, which is the highlight of the festival. The Lanzones Eating Contest is also a fun event to watch, where participants compete to see who can eat the most lanzones in a given time.

The Festival Extravaganza is a day-long event that features various activities such as the Festival Delicacies Making Demo and the Lanzones Trivia Contest. The awarding ceremony for the winners in various competitions also takes place during this event.

Tourism and Economic Impact

The Lanzones Festival attracts both local and foreign tourists, which contributes to the growth of the tourism industry in the province. The festival also provides an opportunity for the local government to showcase the rich culture and traditions of Camiguin.

According to the Provincial Tourism Officer, the Lanzones Festival has been a major factor in the increase of tourist arrivals in the province. In 2021, the festival marked the reopening of tourism in Camiguin after the pandemic-induced lockdowns. The festival kickstarted the revival of the tourism sector, which was severely affected by the pandemic.

The festival also has a significant economic impact on the province. The influx of tourists during the festival season creates job opportunities for the locals, particularly in the hospitality and tourism sectors. The increased demand for accommodations, food, and transportation during the festival season also benefits the local businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, and transport services.

The municipalities of Camiguin, particularly Mambajao, where the festival is held, benefit greatly from the increased tourism. The local government invests in the improvement and maintenance of the festival venues, road networks, and other infrastructure to ensure the smooth flow of tourists during the festival season.

The Lanzones Festival is not only significant to Camiguin but also to the Mindanao and Visayas regions. The festival promotes the unique culture and traditions of Camiguin, which contributes to the preservation of the country’s cultural heritage. The festival also attracts tourists from all over the Philippines and other countries, which helps promote tourism in the region.

Lanzones Fruit and its Importance

Lanzones is a tropical fruit that is widely grown in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines. It is a small, oval-shaped fruit with a thin, yellowish-brown skin that is easy to peel. The flesh inside is translucent, juicy, and sweet with a slightly tart flavor. The fruit is usually eaten fresh, but it can also be used in various dishes such as desserts, jams, and candies.

Lanzones Fruit
Lanzones Fruit

The lanzones fruit is an important crop in the Philippines, particularly in the province of Camiguin where it is celebrated annually in the Lanzones Festival. The fruit is known for its succulent taste and nutritional value. It is rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, and potassium. Eating lanzones regularly can help boost the immune system, improve digestion, and lower blood pressure.

One of the factors that contribute to the unique taste of the lanzones fruit is the volcanic soil in which it is grown. The volcanic soil is rich in minerals and nutrients that help the fruit develop a distinct flavor and aroma. The fruit is also sensitive to changes in weather and humidity, which can affect its quality and taste.

In addition to its nutritional and economic value, the lanzones fruit is also a symbol of community and cultural identity. The Lanzones Festival in Camiguin is a celebration of the fruit, its culture, and the unity of the people. The festival is a testament to the rich cultural tapestry of Camiguin, a platform for the island’s traditions to dance to the beat of the lanzones fruit.

Religious Aspects

The Lanzones Festival is not just a celebration of the bountiful harvest of lanzones fruit but also a religious event that reflects the deep-seated faith of the people of Camiguin.

The San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish Church plays a significant role in the religious aspect of the festival. A Thanksgiving Mass is held at the church after the Grand Parade, which marks the start of the week-long festivities. The church is decorated with colorful lanterns and streamers, and the air is filled with the sound of hymns and prayers.

Aside from the Mass, the Lanzones Festival also features a procession of the Kalanrakas sa Kabataan, a group of young people dressed in colorful costumes, carrying images of saints and other religious symbols. The procession starts at the church and goes around the town, accompanied by the sound of drums and other musical instruments.

The religious aspect of the Lanzones Festival reflects the strong faith of the people of Camiguin, who see the festival not just as a time to celebrate a bountiful harvest but also as an opportunity to express their gratitude to God for the blessings they have received throughout the year.

Camiguin Lanzones Festival
Camiguin Lanzones Festival

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of Lanzones Festival?

The Lanzones Festival originated in Camiguin, a province in the Philippines known for its sweet lanzones fruit. The festival started in the early 1980s, and it has since become an annual celebration of the abundant harvest of the fruit.

What are the activities during Lanzones Festival?

The festival features various activities, including street dancing, parades, beauty pageants, and sports competitions. One of the highlights of the festival is the Lanzones Eating Contest, where participants compete to eat as many lanzones as they can within a certain time limit.

Who usually participates in Lanzones Festival?

The festival is open to everyone, and both locals and tourists participate in the activities. The festival is a great opportunity for visitors to experience the culture of Camiguin and learn more about the lanzones fruit.

What is the significance of Lanzones Festival to the people of Camiguin?

The Lanzones Festival is an important event for the people of Camiguin as it showcases their culture and traditions. The festival also helps promote the lanzones fruit, which is a major source of livelihood for many residents of the province.

Are there any traditional foods associated with Lanzones Festival?

Yes, there are several traditional foods associated with the festival, including lanzones candies, lanzones jam, and lanzones wine. These foods are made from the sweet lanzones fruit and are a popular souvenir for visitors to bring back home.

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