TAIPEI, Nov. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Many people start their day with a cup of drinks, seeking solace from the challenges and difficulties they encounter at work or school, and motivating themselves to move forward. However, Taiwan’s beverage shops are scattered throughout bustling night markets, school campuses teeming with students, and towering business districts. With such intense competition, it’s challenging for entrepreneurs to thrive without adequate evaluation.

After reading this article, you can learn:

  1. Shang Tong Food provides support for entrepreneurial needs, guiding those who wish to open shops abroad, and even offers 1-vs-1 online tea-making courses.
  2. Shang Tong Food‘s General Manager – Mr. Chen Jiasheng – aspires to develop a successful international food and beverage business model known as the “Whole Shop Export” SOP. This model aims to replicate Taiwan’s chain brand operation methods worldwide, thus promoting and expanding local Taiwanese brands to have a global impact.

Shang Tong Food has been involved in the global bubble tea market for over 40 years, marketing its products in more than 60 countries. To further penetrate the global markets, Shang Tong Food offers assistance to entrepreneurs seeking to start businesses abroad. Through the establishment of their own raw material factories, they not only manufacture a wide range of products but also offer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services and customization, resulting in beloved beverages tailored to diverse cultural preferences. In today’s digital age, they can provide guidance to entrepreneurs more rapidly, evaluating local market conditions and offering advice. Over the past two years, online 1-vs-1 tea-making courses have gained popularity, unaffected by the pandemic or economic fluctuations.

Overseas Opportunities and Sustainable Operation through Localized Brands

Shang Tong Food, once a small supplier of raw materials, has transformed into a specialist supplier of food and beverage ingredients in Taiwan. They have successfully established six raw material production factories and 20 overseas distribution points in places like Malaysia, Ireland, and Indonesia. Chen Jiasheng emphasizes that to promote Taiwanese bubble tea, they must tirelessly seek innovation. The tea beverage market requires continuous innovation through customized products to meet customer needs and preferences. On the path to sustainable business operations, Chen Jiasheng believes that, in addition to innovation, supporting localized brands and encouraging entrepreneurship are crucial. As Taiwan is an island nation, expanding exports overseas is an inevitable direction. Their aspiration is for the innovative tea beverage concept and their commitment to fostering entrepreneurship to spread Taiwan’s milk tea to every corner of the globe.

Nurturing Ground for Overseas Bubble Tea

Chen Jiasheng states that the primary goal of training is to cultivate competent international talents and assist those who want to start businesses worldwide. Leveraging the convenience of the internet, this training is accessible not only to locals but also to aspiring entrepreneurs overseas. It serves as a platform to incubate entrepreneurs and promote Taiwan’s bubble tea culture.

Furthermore, Shang Tong Food aims to develop a successful international food and beverage business model known as the “Whole Shop Export” SOP. This model seeks to replicate Taiwan’s chain brand operation methods worldwide, helping realize the dreams of overseas aspiring entrepreneurs. They provide related raw materials, products, machinery, and equipment to export Taiwanese culinary culture, drive the development of an end-to-end supply chain, and achieve the vision of “Taiwan’s F&B Power.” Lastly, they focus on developing innovative products in collaboration with small farmers, standardizing ingredient research and production from the farm to the table and then to the brand. This approach ensures that beverages like bubble tea can elevate local Taiwanese brands and have a significant international influence.