SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CLASS101 (CEO Daisun Kong), South Korea’s top online learning platform, today announced that it has entered into an industry-pioneering partnership with MarqVision. In joining forces with MarqVision, the world’s first AI-powered Growth Protection Platform, CLASS101 aims to safeguard the creative rights of its creators with cutting-edge technologies, thus ensuring that they can focus on producing their content without fearing misappropriation.

[CLASS101 & MARQVISION logo image]
[CLASS101 & MARQVISION logo image]

After consolidating its Korean, Japanese, and English subscription services into a globally integrated product in December 2022, CLASS101 has evolved into a place where tens of thousands of learners and creators from around the world interact every day. Naturally, the company became keenly aware of the need to protect the knowledge, techniques, and know-how of its creators in all forms and manners. To this end, MarqVision proved to be just the perfect partner.

Via the newly-forged partnership, CLASS101 has begun leveraging MarqVision’s MARQ Content and MARQ Commerce services. The former automatically detects and removes any instances of copyright infringement. The latter keeps a vigilant eye on social media and e-commerce platforms and roots out unauthorized sales and/or distribution of the intellectual property of CLASS101’s creators. Thanks to MarqVision’s state-of-the-art AI technologies, CLASS101 enjoys the capacity to respond to acts of copyright violation in real time. The intellectual property and creative rights of CLASS101’s creators have never been in safer hands.

CLASS101’s vast library of offerings boasts over 5,000 classes across diverse categories such as arts, crafts, fitness, cooking, languages, technology, career hacks, child education, and wealth management. The collaboration with MarqVision underscores the company’s unwavering dedication to safeguarding the inherent value of the proprietary knowledge shared by its creators through their classes. This partnership is, in turn, a tangible demonstration of CLASS101’s commitment to fostering long-term trust with its creators.

“CLASS101 sought a secure and efficient means to protect the intellectual property of its creators, and our partnership with MarqVision provides us with a distinct advantage in this respect,” stated Hyeonseo Ku, General Manager at CLASS101. “We are committed to creating an environment where not only the proprietary knowledge of our creators is kept safe but also where learners enrich their lives by discovering and learning what they truly love on CLASS101.”

The announcement of the partnership with MarqVision arrives on the heels of a Series B bridge investment that CLASS101 successfully secured in the amount of USD 12.2 million (KRW 16 billion). The latest funding was led by such prominent global VCs as Goodwater Capital and SoftBank Ventures Asia. The proceeds will be used to develop new tools, features, and services for creators and learners alike that would further distinguish CLASS101 from its competitors and boast its position as a market leader in the e-learning industry in South Korea and beyond.

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