HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Dec. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On December 5, SingNow launched the “SingNow Annual Ceremony-Fighting for Songs” event. This is SingNow’s largest series of music tribute events in 2023, and it is also an event to summarize the old year and welcome the new year.

In order to ensure that this competition is fair and professional, SingNow specially invited two singers who has multiple hit songs, Minh Vuong M4U and Thuong Vo, as competition captains. In addition, SingNow also invited musicians/singers with many years of experience in the music industry such as musician Duc Thinh, singer Tuan Phuong, and singer Huong Giang to serve as judges!

During this cooperation, SingNow had interesting conversations with singer Minh Vuong M4U and singer Thuong Vo, these two celebrities sharing their feelings when invited by SingNow to serve as event captain. “SingNow Annual Ceremony-Fighting for Songs”

  • SingNow: “How did you feel when you were invited by SingNow to be the captain of Annual Ceremony?”
  • Singer Minh Vuong M4U: “Vuong is very excited to meet and work with the contestants and fellow judges.”
  • Singer Thuong Vo: “Thuong is very nervous and excited, hoping to hear more unique voices and singers.”
  • SingNow: “What kind of singer would you like to hear on SingNow?”
  • Singer Minh Vuong M4U: “Breathing rhythm is a basic skill, pitch and rhythm can convey emotions. We hope that contestants will not only sing well, but also have the qualities of being an artist, including confidence and enthusiasm for art.”
  • Singer Thuong Vo: “The performance style and ability to communicate with the audience, able to convey strong emotions through the voice, allowing the audience to deeply feel the meaning of the song.”
  • SingNow: “Can you two share some singing skills which are suitable for beginners?”
  • Singer Minh Vuong M4U: “The pronunciation should be clear, and focus on the clear pronunciation of each word to make the lyrics easier to understand and better convey emotions..”
  • Singer Thuong Vo: “Find your vocal range, don’t shout with your throat, and adjust your breathing position when singing songs.”

In addition, singer Minh Vuong M4U and singer Thuong Vo also shared: “SingNow is a music playground suitable for all ages. In addition to the usual singing functions, you can also constantly challenge strangers, improve your singing skills, and make friends with music friends.We wish the 2023 SingNow Annual Ceremony a success.”

Thank you very much to singer Minh Vuong M4U and singer Thuong Vo for participating in this conversation. Hope that you can make further progress in your career. At the same time, SingNow also thanks all users for their support and companionship in 2023. We promise to create a very rewarding music playground for music fans.