• ATPI Halo, a mature and award-winning environmental sustainability solution, provides comprehensive coverage for travel-related sustainability plans, navigating the complexities of Scope 3 travel-related emissions in the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.
  • In the pursuit of sustainability, the ATPI Halo ‘Measure-Reduce-Compensate’ methodology emphasises the need to measure carbon footprint before effective reduction.

SINGAPORE, Dec. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As global regulatory frameworks redefine the intersection of business and sustainability, the spotlight intensifies on the travel and events sector. ATPI Halo, the environmental sustainability solution from global travel and events management company ATPI, emerges as the go-to partner for businesses navigating the evolving sustainability landscape in Asia and beyond.

Regulatory Dynamics in the Global Arena

In response to transformative regulations such as the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requirements, and the UK’s Sustainable Development Standards (SDS), the corporate playbook is undergoing a profound shift. Even Asia Pacific-based companies not directly subject to CSRD find themselves compelled to adopt circular economy practices, recognising the imperative of future-proofing operations in a globally interconnected market.

ATPI Halo: A Trusted Guide in Sustainability

ATPI Halo takes centrestage as a mature and award-winning solution, providing comprehensive coverage for travel-related sustainability plans. With a focus on navigating the complexities of Scope 3 travel-related emissions, ATPI Halo supports clients to concentrate on other business functions while ensuring compliance with global sustainability standards and regulations.

Measure-Reduce-Compensate Methodology

Central to ATPI Halo’s approach is the ‘Measure-Reduce-Compensate’ methodology, emphasising the need to first measure CO2e in order to drive effective reduction. A strategic partnership with Thrust Carbon ensures the seamless measurement of CO2e footprint data throughout travel and event processes, enhancing reliability and accuracy. ATPI Halo then offers a consultancy-based approach, facilitated by ATPI Account Managers, providing tailored recommendations for sustainable travel practices.

Agile Compensation Portfolio

Recognising the unavoidable carbon emissions in the travel and events sector, ATPI Halo provides an agile compensation portfolio. Clients gain access to high-quality, certified projects ranging from renewable energy initiatives to nature-based carbon removals, enabling them to mitigate unavoidable emissions effectively.

Guidance in the Regulatory Landscape

As the impact of the EU CSRD looms, ATPI Halo positions itself not just as a solution to current challenges but as a guide for navigating the evolving regulatory landscape. Whether directly affected by regulations or proactively preparing for anticipated changes, ATPI Halo stands ready to educate and assist. The platform emphasises the urgency of addressing Scope 3 travel and events emissions and encourages businesses to take meaningful steps toward sustainability.

Empowering Organisations for Sustainable Journeys

ATPI Halo underscores that the journey toward sustainability starts with informed and proactive choices. In an era where travel contributes significantly to global warming, ATPI Halo stands as a transformative guide, encouraging organisations to embrace a sustainable future.

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