SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Holding the top spot in global ginseng retail for a decade, Jung Kwan Jang declared to boost the popularity of red ginseng by employing various forms, from film to jelly.

Red ginseng, which is a steamed and dried ginseng, has been traditionally consumed as a simple water brew. Currently, Jung Kwan Jang’s signature product is also a red ginseng brew. Jung Kwan Jang has been consistently developing new products to offer more convenient and enjoyable red ginseng experience for all people of ages and genders. The company is now showcasing more various red ginseng forms from bottles of concentrate to tablets, ready-to-drink vial, capsules, and even jelly and candy forms. In July, the company launched Red Ginseng Jung Everytime Film, an orally dissolving film designed to dissolve in the mouth. The orally dissolving film quickly absorbs through the oral mucosa, for easy consumption even by those with swallowing difficulties. Jung Kwan Jang Red Ginseng Everytime Film is calorie-free (0 kcal) and ultra-lightweight, providing innovative on-the-go convenience. It is capturing the market’s attention, selling over 1 million units in just three months after launch.

Breaking the existing culinary mold, a wave of innovative foods is rising nowadays, embracing diverse forms and consumption methods. Evolved for higher on-the-go convenience, new forms also offer a playful edible fun. Such trend has been extended to health supplements; double-format vitamins combining tablets and liquid are recently gaining popularity, following the rise of tablet, capsule, stick powder and candy forms.

This month, the company launched Red Ginseng gummy Jelly, featuring a sweet-and-sour grape flavor designed to appeal to red ginseng novices. Red Ginseng gummy Jelly adopts bite-sized and chewy treats.

Jung Kwan Jang red ginseng products are a health supplement authorized by the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for its benefits in immunity enhancement, fatigue reduction, memory improvement, blood circulation improvement through platelet coagulation suppression, and antioxidant activity. The company is continuously developing new forms for red ginseng products to offer more accessible and enjoyable consumption forms for all consumers.

Jung Kwan Jang Red Ginseng gummy Jelly launched in South Korea last month
Jung Kwan Jang Red Ginseng gummy Jelly launched in South Korea last month