HONG KONG, Jan. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Kelly Huang Jewelry, an Asian young designer, has been honored with the prestigious “JAC Jewelry Brand Gold Award” at the recently held Asia Visionary Impact Awards, which is organized by Spark Up Asia . At just 31 years of age, Kelly Huang draws inspiration from her grandmother’s influence and upbringing, which instilled in her a deep passion for jewelry. Guided by a legacy of love, she has chosen to make jewelry her lifelong career. Through her designs, Kelly skillfully revitalizes traditional jewelry, infusing women with elegance and a pursuit of a beautiful life journey.

Kelly Huang Jewelry
Kelly Huang Jewelry

The award ceremony took place in Hong Kong and received support from the Global Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Council. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as it is the first time the Asia Visionary Impact Awards have partnered with the jewelry industry leaders. During the ceremony, Kelly Huang graciously accepted the trophy from Ms. Tan Jingwen, Deputy Secretary-General of the Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce Youth Entrepreneur Association. Expressing her heartfelt gratitude, Kelly shared her personal journey, stating that she feels immensely honored to have the opportunity to showcase her talent on the international stage. This award not only symbolizes her individual dedication but also shines a spotlight on the innovative jewelry designs emerging from Taiwan to the world.

Starting from high school, Kelly Huang began learning metalworking and pursued a degree in industrial design in university, gradually embarking on the path of jewelry design. Along the way, she has received numerous accolades, including third place in the international skills competition for “Jewelry Gold and Silver Craftsmanship” and the esteemed bronze award in China’s renowned “Jade Mastery Awards.” She has also been nominated as one of the Asian candidates for the 2024 Global Jewelry Hall of Fame.

Kelly Huang is a jewelry designer who seeks to create unforgettable experiences for jewelry enthusiasts through her exquisite vintage-inspired designs and exceptional craftsmanship in transforming raw gemstones. With a remarkable dedication of almost 8 years in the jewelry industry, Kelly has been driven by a desire to break free from the conventional design styles that dominate the market. Taking a bold leap forward, she founded her own brand, Kelly Huang Jewelry, and established a stunning jewelry showroom in Taipei.

Kelly Huang has a remarkable talent for reinterpreting heirloom jewelry passed down from clients’ ancestors. Many customers seek her expertise in transforming raw gemstones, as she attentively listens to their fashion preferences, style, and budget, ensuring their priorities are respected. With several orders for transforming valuable gemstones, worth millions, Kelly has earned the trust of her clients through her meticulousness and professionalism.

One memorable instance involved a customer entrusting Kelly with customizing their grandmother’s inherited emerald and sapphire. She skillfully transformed these magnificent and rare treasures, typically seen only at auctions, into elegant and fashionable pieces suitable for everyday wear, allowing their grace and elegance to be cherished across generations. Kelly believes that jewelry should not be confined to a safe; instead, these beautiful treasures should be showcased in daily life. By carefully listening to the client’s story, she breathed new life into the initial outdated designs, infusing them with her creativity. This seamless blend of jewelry craftsmanship and the client’s story filled with love and memories resulted in stunning pieces that were truly unique.

Kelly has a deep connection to her grandmother, who would always adorn herself with jewelry, even during everyday activities like going to the market. She was passionately pursued by a young pilot (grandfather) who would shower her with lilies from the sky. This experience instilled in Kelly’s grandmother the belief that women deserve to be cherished, and she wanted to pass on this sentiment to Kelly. The grandfather’s affectionate gestures, such as buying her favorite foods and gifting her jewelry, left a lasting impression on Kelly, even when she was just a young girl. She vividly recalls her grandmother helping her put on a pearl necklace at the hair salon, planting the seed of the belief that “women deserve love.” Inspired by her grandmother’s genuine love, Kelly aspires to pass on values like confidence, courage, and the importance of being treated well to her clients.

Kelly’s designs are not only influenced by personal emotions and memories but also by her profound exploration of the world. Her passion for travel, especially in Europe, the birthplace of jewelry and culture, has inspired her to create unique jewelry collections. One of her captivating collections is “Sky Garden,” which draws inspiration from Italy. It incorporates patterns reminiscent of Roman architecture, while butterflies symbolize freedom and beauty, serving as enchanting design elements. To discover more inspiring stories and designs from Kelly, follow her on Instagram: Kellyhuang_jewelry.

Travel has also served as a catalyst for Kelly’s perspective on life. During a trip to a mining area in Sri Lanka in search of gemstones, she witnessed a remarkable phenomenon. Despite the country’s financial struggles, its people possessed a carefree and resilient spirit, embracing the notion of “as long as we’re alive, the pandemic hasn’t defeated us.” This profound realization left a lasting impact on Kelly, prompting her to question her approach to creativity: “Since jewelry is a reflection of life, should I embrace more freedom and experimentation in my designs?” The journey to Sri Lanka became a transformative and inspiring chapter in her artistic evolution.

The life philosophies that Kelly absorbs while traveling often resemble the metamorphosis of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. Consequently, butterflies frequently grace her creations. One notable design is the butterfly two-finger ring. Kelly explains, “I have noticed the inherent beauty of many clients’ hands.” Crafting a two-finger ring poses significant challenges as it requires a precise fit, allowing for fluid movement of the adjacent finger joints. Each intricate detail must be perfected. Through interviews, it becomes evident that Kelly is not only a gifted and talented designer but also an individual who relentlessly pursues the pinnacle of craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

“As a versatile jewelry designer, my aspiration is to expand my reach on the international stage.” Kelly Huang’s distinctive creativity and expertise have garnered the trust of her clients, enabling her to showcase the excellence of Asian jewelry design to the world. Like a butterfly adorned with precious gemstones, she envisions herself gracefully dancing and soaring in the radiant spotlight, embodying the spirit of freedom and artistic expression.