SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — NOMAD Entertainment following the pre-release of NOMAD’s 1st EP track ‘Lights on‘ performance video prepared over the past 2 years (27/12), pre-released a Lyric Video of ‘Eye 2 eye’ (12/1) on their official YouTube channel (NOMAD_entofficial). ‘Eye 2 eye’ is a song containing a sweet whisper of ‘Let’s love forever just like when we first met’ for beloved lovers.

NOMAD (Need Our Microphone And Dances), a group of 5 members (DOY, SANGHA, ONE, RIVR, JUNHO), aims to convey wide musical spectrum to their fans with their confidence of ‘Bring the mics to truly enjoy dancing and staging’.

To that end, 2 types of 1st EP album A and B contains total of 7 songs. They will pre-release 4 songs ‘Lights on’, ‘Eye 2 eye’, ‘Automatic’, ‘Oasis’ respectively before their official debut. Two title tracks ‘California love’, ‘No pressure’, and 1 song ‘Let me love you’ will be released with their debut.

In particular, DOY, the leader of the group, has participated in the production of all tracks that conceptualized their album with NOMAD’s boldness and confidence.

In addition, a number of global renowned producers have participated in the 1st EP album production. DK, who previously produced various K-POP songs with EXO, BoA, Seventeen, NCT and more, is the general producer. Jayrah Gibson, who have been working with Chris Brown, Usher, Ty Dolla $ign, BTS, EXO, Jay Park, Dean, and Chacha Malone, who produced megahit songs like Jay Park’s ‘JOAH’, ‘All I wanna do’, etc, and Damon Sharpe, who is well known as a producer of Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Pitbull, have presented best songs to Rookie Group NOMAD.

According to the agency, “Global renowned producers gladly participated in the album production for the success of K-POP Rookie who has possibilities and with this musical confidence, NOMAD would like to a new wave in K-POP realm.”

Enjoy Eye 2 eye Lyric Video on YouTube here and discover more photos about NOMAD here.