TOKYO, Feb. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Minato City in Tokyo has issued the winter and latest edition of its tour brochure, “The Best of Minato City,” for overnight visitors. The brochure is designed to encourage visitors to Minato City from Japan and abroad to enjoy reading about the charms of the city and feel like taking a stroll in the city in their spare time during their hotel stays. Free copies of the brochure are available at the reception desks of accommodation facilities and the like. Some accommodation facilities in Minato City have desktop POP displays with a two-dimensional code for visitors to read the brochure online.


To read the brochure online, please visit: 

The brochure introduces in five languages — Japanese, English, Korean, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese — Minato City, where unique and distinctive areas are dotted, and visitors gain new perspectives of the city every time they visit as the year is divided into spring, summer, fall, and winter to show the city’s charms in each season.

The winter edition features Azabu, Shirokanedai, and Takanawa. It introduces the three areas as the streets being elegant and stylish but with the fragrances of rich nature and history. It picks up the temple, an amalgamation of tradition and modernity, partly designed by architect Kengo Kuma, as well as Japan’s first kaleidoscope specialty store that handles more than 600 kinds of kaleidoscope, a Japanese soba noodle restaurant where people can enjoy eating “juwari soba” (soba made from 100% buckwheat flour) and a side dish buffet.

The MUSEUM COLLECTION section introduces the Yoku Moku Museum in Minami-Aoyama. The museum exhibits mainly a collection of Pablo Picasso’s ceramics works, another face of the Spanish artist.

The section “Let’s walk in the shopping streets!” deals with the 800-meter-long Shimbashi Akarenga-dori Street lined with shops and other businesses. It introduces the street not only as a red-brick-style sidewalk that creates a nostalgic atmosphere but also as a spot where visitors can enjoy traditional cuisines at restaurants such as “oden” (fishcake and vegetable stew), “unaju” (grilled eel over rice), and grilled chicken thighs, among other foods.

Apart from information on tourist spots, the brochure introduces the community bus called “Chii Bus” which can be used by travelers as a transportation means. The bus is a highly convenient means of transportation for touring Minato City, for example, as it can take only about nine minutes to travel between Zojo-ji Temple and Toranomon Hills, which are popular tourist spots.

The brochure also introduces many other attractive must-see sights in Minato City. Furthermore, the past issues of “The Best of Minato City” are available on the following website.